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We specialise in supplying, installing and repairing windows.

10-year guarantee

On time, every time

Detailed quotes to avoid surprises

Our vast range of window designs and finishes are perfect for any home, and with our 10-year guarantee, our energy-efficient windows will keep your family warm and save you money!

On-Time every time

Our window fitters are efficient and professional, delivering top quality windows in the quickest possible time.

10 Year Guarantee

We guarantee all our windows for ten years, so your new windows will never buckle under the pressure of harsh weather.

Detailed quotes to avoid surprises

Our highly-skilled experienced team will give you a detailed quote, so there are no hidden, unexpected costs when it comes to your new windows.

Window installation

Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way, with the least amount of disruption.

Double Glazing

Our energy-efficient double glazing is manufactured from the highest quality materials to keep your home warmer and safer. We also have a range of window styles in various colours and finishes.

Window Types

Our double glazed windows come in various designs to suit any home. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional design, all our uPVC. windows and are  secure, safe and reliable. They also have a high energy rating to save you money on bills.



Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward from a single side. They can often be locked with a key by turning a handle
Tilt & Turn

Tilt & Turn

Tilt and turn windows are hinged at the top and side, open inwards and allow cleaning from inside


Arched windows similar to bay windows, only with a curved shape at the top


Bay windows project out from the wall making a feature of your window


Bow windows are curved at the top and bottom or side to side.

Traditional Flush

Casement windows are designed to match older cottage style windows

Styles & Finishes

We offer many different residential and commercial window designs, all are double glazed and are available in PVCu. Aluminium and Hardwood

All of our windows and doors are available in a range of colours and grains, both foiled and painted finishes.

Fittings for any setup

We have a range of window fittings that are designed to fit perfectly in your home. They will compliment any property, modern, contemporary, Cottage and georgian.
Dark Red
Light Oak
Hazy Grey Finesse
Chartwell Green
Honey Oak Super Matt
Steel Blue

Windows, doors and conservatories

As well as installation of uPVC & Aluminium windows, we also install, fit and repair doors and conservatories and install conservatory roofs.





Conservatory Roofs

Signs your windows need replacing

Cracked Glass or broken windows.

It would be best to replace your window when it is broken or cracked, as these are signs that they are becoming weak and need replacement immediately

The noise factor.

If the noise from outside is too loud, indicating your current windows seals are not efficient ,then it’s time to consider replacing them. Please don’t wait for the noise to become too loud, as this will mean they are not insulating. The greater the noise, the greater the heat loss.

Frequent condensation

Frequent condensation and mould within your home may be signs of a poorly-insulated window or one that isn’t airtight. Although ventilation is necessary in a home, modern windows allow you to take control and reduce the causes of the problem.

High energy bills

If you have older poorly sealed windows, then you are losing heat every day. Replacing them will help you save on energy costs, which can be huge in the long run.

Unsecure locks and latches

Older Flimsy locks and catches are vastly inferior to modern fittings which now meet a recognised security standard. If your locks are slack or corroded, it’s a sign that you need to upgrade your windows for greater security. It’s essential to have secure windows as the locks are the first thing to fail on forced entry.

Frequent condensation

Frequent condensation and mould within your home may be signs of a poorly-insulated window or one that isn’t airtight. Although ventilation is necessary in a home, modern windows allow you to take control and reduce the causes of the problem.

Weston super mare customers

“Home solutions installed UPVC double glazed windows across the house. They were quick and efficient, and the site was left spotlessly. Experienced, competent, tidy, always a pleasure to meet and have around.”

Beryl and John

uPVC Windows
“Home solutions refitted and repaired all of our double glazing, all the drafts and condensation have now disappeared.”

James & Amy

New uPVC Windows
“Installed uPVC and double glazing across the whole house. Extremely pleased with all aspects undertaken. I would highly recommend you and your team.”


New Windows
“They’re experts at double glazing, doors and conservatories. It has turned our conservatory into a useable room and feels like a new extension at a fraction of the cost.Home Solutions Plus did a fantastic job from initial concept design through to completion, organising everything, including building regulations.The quality of workmanship and professionalism of the installers was first class.”

Roy and Anne

New Conservatory Roof
” I am extremely pleased with the end result; it has become part of the house, it is extremely well insulated and stays at an even temperature all year round. After five years, l had a minor leak, and Phil sent someone straight round who was most diligent in ensuring the problem was solved and thoroughly checked the whole roof to ensure it was sound. All with no quibble and no charge.”


New Conservatory Roof

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows

How long does it take to replace windows?
The time it takes to replace your windows will depend on the size of your house and the number of windows that need replacing. It usually takes around a week, with bigger jobs taking longer.
How much do new windows cost?
The average cost of new windows for a standard-sized house would be around £5000. That includes the installation and supply of materials, as well as other related fees.
How do I know if there’s condensation on my windows?
There are a few signs that indicate condensation on your windows. If you see frost or water droplets, then there is most likely condensation present. It would help if you also looked out for peeling wallpaper, mould and grime around the window panes as another sign of condensation.
Does double glazing cut energy costs?
Yes, and it also helps to keep your home warm. If you’re concerned about energy costs, you should invest in new windows that will help reduce the amount of heat loss through your windows, hence decreasing your bills.
How do I know if my window locks need replacing?
If you find yourself frequently locking or unlocking a window, or if you see visible damage to the locks, then it is time to replace them. You should also replace your window locks if they’re corroded or have other visible signs of wear and tear.
How can I tell if my windows need replacing?
Various signs indicate your windows need replacing: cracked or broken windows; flimsy locks or latches, which can tell that you need to replace your window; frequently condensation and mould inside the home and high energy bills – even if you’ve already replaced your windows.
What are the best windows to buy?
The best windows to buy are uPVC windows. They have a decent U-value, which means they’re better at keeping out cold and heat. They also cost less than other types of windows that offer similar insulation levels, so they’re the most economical option for insulating your home too.
How long do double glazing window units last?
Double glazing window units can last for between 20 and 30 years, with the leading cause of replacement being repaired. Home Solutions Plus offers a ten-year Guarantee.
What do I need to know about lead paint?
Lead paint is poisonous, and if you’re removing old windows that contain it, you must be careful not to inhale any particles or get them on your skin. 
Can you repair broken double glazing, UPVC or Aluminium windows without replacing them?
It is possible to replace a broken window, but you should only do this if the frame isn’t damaged. Once your windows are broken, they won’t be as effective insulators and will allow heat loss. It’s better to replace your window whenever it gets damaged because it will save you money in the long run.
Does double glazing save money on energy costs?
Yes, double glazing windows will reduce energy costs. Energy Saving Trust research shows that homeowners can save around £100 per year on heating by replacing old windows with new ones.
How do you measure replacement windows?
Replacement windows are measured the same way as standard ones – the width and height from the inside edge to the inside edge.
Do I need planning permission for replacement windows?
Planning permission isn’t needed for replacements, but it is always best to check before installing them. It also makes sense to get a quote from Home Solutions Plus first, so you know how much the costs will be.
With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. 
Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way, with the least amount of disruption.
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